Other Services

Since more than a decade, JMM have been serving its clients in a pretty diversified categories of services. We have always valued our clients first and that has become the key to our success in the past years.

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    Cargo Services

    The central Hub of our cargo division is based in Dubai. JMM have the ability to handle large shipments for multiple clients and we always guarantee an on-time satisfactory service. JMM possesses an excellent local & international clientele in regard to providing cargo services. We offer cargo services for all types of goods plus for clients who need specialized container shipping. Our containers are of different types of freight including dry storage, refrigerated, temperature-controlled, insulated, open track, and flat rack. JMM cargo provides tracking, import and export, warehousing, screening, repackaging, and customs clearance.

  • Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, Oman

    Security Services

    We are a leading provider in specialized integrated security services, offering clients a combination of highly skilled security professionals, including security guard and concierge personnel, and sophisticated security technologies. In today’s world, security has become one of the main issues. At JMM, we offer top of the line security for all kinds of VIPs or physical assets. Our security staff is well trained & well equipped. They are ready to tackle any type of threatening situation at all times.

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    Waste Management Services

    It is one the biggest issues when it comes to the disposal of waste from the metropolitan cities in a proper manner. Majority of the work done is by the private contractors from taking the waste from the streets to the dump sites where it can be further processed in making energy or shredded plastic for re-use. JMM have done its R&D on the waste management and soon plans to deploy their first processing plant in Pakistan

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    Food & Beverage Services

    JMM have a number of investments in F&B sectors inside and outside UAE. This industry holds some of the core businesses of JMM group. JMM plans to expand the field of operations in the same line of business internationally. The team of experts at JMM are already working on some of the top metropolitan locations around the globe

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    Healthcare Services

    Our healthcare partners have established one of the best organizations and well managed network to meet the utmost standard of the industry in MENA Region by dedication and commitment.

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    Tourism Services

    JMM have a keen interest in developing a unique infrastructure to facilitate people with a desire to travel and find adrenaline in some pretty unusual ways at some of the most reachable exotic places. A new way of experiencing foods and places that have never been experienced by travelers before. The team at JMM have a vast knowledge of some of the most thrill-seeking places in UAE & Pakistan and we offer cost effective package plans for our clients.

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    Facility Management Services

    We provide a wide range of Facility Management services including operational and maintenance, soft and hard integration amenities. Each business has a unique need and this principle also applies to Facility Management; some have stringent requirements, while others have an array of needs. However, we provide a wide range of services that can be tailored according to any specifications of our customers.

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    IT Services

    JMM have settled a deep foot in IT & Cyber-Security as it is becoming a necessity of the modern-day businesses. JMM offers end to end business solution that caters all operations related and development related requirements both locally and internationally. Our team of IT experts are currently stationed in Dubai & Pakistan which are all time ready to take on challenges and provide the best of the best solutions to our clients

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    Transport & Heavy Equipment Rental

    We provide heavy equipment, cranes, trucks and other heavy vehicles/machinery on easy rental contracts. Our equipment has been used in the majority of construction projects all over the Gulf. We have the best in-house maintenance facilities for all of our vehicle and machinery stationed across UAE.