World Of JMM

JMM was established in the year 2001, with a strong expertise in the field of legal and trading services. It was under the commitment and leadership of the group founder, Mr. Jasim Hassan Juma Mohamed Al Maazmi who envisioned the future of JMM with a simple start.

If you’re clear on what you believe, you have a great foundation

Mr. Jasim Hassan Juma Muhammed AlMaazmi

Chairman | JMM Group

  • Mr. Jasim Journey With JMM Group


    From our Executives to our subject matter experts, and delivery/quality assurance teams to our Senior Management, the JMM team is committed to delivering the highest quality product and providing exceptional service to our customers. Honest perspective, as we continue to grow, each new day offers a chance for us to work together, pursue new opportunities and improve upon the past.

  • Quality Check

    Quality of Work

    After years of hard-work and dedication, JMM has made a prominent name in quality & customer satisfaction. Our key strength comprises of years of research & development, uncompromising business, on-time commitments, business ethics, timely project deliveries and much more. We have always taken a customer driven approach towards our business and has always put our clients on top of our priorities. JMM possesses a chain of suppliers both locally and internationally that enables the group to operate beyond borders swiftly

  • Craftsmanship At JMM Group


    Having more than 200 companies in the group with a wide range of business portfolios, JMM covers most of its manufacturing orders within the group. Having the perfect blend of contracting and supply chain management, our group gets a distinctive edge from many other players in the market. This not only gives us the benefit to jump start projects much quicker, but also with an ease in project flows. Our team of experts have a successfully proven track record of accomplishing some other most difficult and complicated projects both locally and internationally, making them one of the best work-force available

  • Philanthropy


    We have always believed in giving back to the society. Our goal is to give hope, empowerment and education to build a sustainable living for the ones in need. JMM Group is always there to help you make a difference in the world through thoughtful and strategic giving plans that foster sustainability and measurable results